Core Technology

All in One chip! All by ZeeAnn!


Advanced Pixel Design

 Low noise
High Sensitivity
WDR /Global shuttering pixel

Advanced Circuit Design

High resolution/ High speed ADC
Low noise analog circuit
WDR analog circuit

Advanced ISP Design

Efficient denoising
WDR AEC(Auto Exposure Control)
WDR mixing/Tone mapping
AGC(Auto Gain Control)
AWB(Auto White Balance)
TDN, Smart LED, Auto Iris
OSD sensor control


All in One chip! All by ZeeAnn!

以过硬的技术为基础,融合Pixel, ISP, Analog Circuit领域的高超技术,为影像技术的创新做出贡献。

CMOS Image Sensor Design

  • Pixel, analog/digital circuits design
  • Especially both normal and WDR CMOS image sensor design
  • Especially with reduced row and column noise 

Image Signal Processor Design

  • CIS specific on-chip ISP
  • Both normal and WDR ISP 

Application System Design

  • Various sensor module
  • Various sensor board circuits

Process Technology

  • Fabrication
  • Probe-Test and Packaging